What Fractional RF can do for you!

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When it comes to skin treatments targeting scarring, fine lines, wrinkles, acne, stretch marks,
and skin texture, the Fractional RF is the perfect treatment for you!

What is Fractional RF?

Fractional RF is a targeted treatment that uses a combination of both radio frequency and
micro-needling, combining two highly effective techniques to produce a truly amazing effect.

Firstly, the Dermal stamping is used to penetrate the skin and this creates micro-wounds which
help to break up scar tissue stimulating the production of elastin and collagen. Radio
Frequencies are then penetrate more deeply into the skin where they heat up the tissue to
stimulate remodelling and significantly enhance the collagen and elastin production.

What to expect before the procedure

So you’re thinking about jumping on board and booking your appointment, but you’re not sure
what to expect? It’s not scary we promise!

Numbing cream in hand, your specialist will apply the cream to the area creating a dull
sensation and ensure maximum comfort. The applicator head contains a number of very tiny
needles which are programmed to a specific depth and are automatically stamped into the skin
creating micro wounds. This stimulates skin rejuvenation and although needles are involved
with the numbing cream applied to the area, you will be comfortable.

Post treatment expectations?

After your treatment you can expect some redness and slight swelling. You will need to avoid
makeup and strong skin products for at least 48 hours, making sure that you also avoid sun
exposure, excessive sweating, and touching your face for those 48 hours. Staying hydrated is
also very important for your skin and the healing process. Although this seems like a lot of
don’ts, you have no need to worry as your skin therapist will go through everything with you and
recommend a range of gentle skin care products that will assist with the recovery and promotion
of glowing skin.

How Long until you see results?

As with everything, results will vary depending on patient to patient and the level of treatment.
However, the benefits of this treatment will be noticed within 24-48 hours and may last up to 12

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