Scar tissue is an accumulation of collagen and skin cells that cover the site of an injury. Many people develop scars as the result of an injury, surgery or acne.

There are many types of scars such as:

Keloid scars, which present as a raised, red, skin coloured lump of scar tissue.

Hypertrophic scars, which are a more common form of mild scar tissue which fades naturally over time.

Contracture scars, which usually occur in tissue that has sustained a burn injury.

Acne scars are usually categorised into 3 main types being:

ice-Pick Scars, which are deep, narrow and pitted in appearance;

Rolling Scars, which appear broad, depressed

and with a sloping edge; and

Boxcar Scars, which are similar to the rolling scars

but with sharper edges.

Atrophic Scars, Which can appear as flat, thin or depressed.

Whether it’s acne scarring or something else, the Dermal Therapists at Cosmetic Sculpting Clinic can use a combination of treatments to visibly reduce your scars.

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