Results Guarantee

Using the best available technology, products and treatment methods comes with some pretty cool perks. Unlike other clinics, we are proud to guarantee our results because we understand that nobody wants to invest in something that doesn’t work.

Any treatment offered in our clinic must be clinically proven or industry tested and delivered at the highest possible standards.

Although uncommon, if after the full treatment plan has been completed and the clinical endpoint for the results has been reached and there is no noticeable change, after 1 more month of observation, we will bring you back and retreat you for free.

We wait an extra month before doing a free treatment because although it’s not common, some people take longer to react to treatments than others, so we monitor our clients for a full month further to ensure they get the results we anticipated.

We Guarantee

We are the ONLY provider in the country to offer this guarantee because we stand behind our technology and our results.

  • The question of whether a result has been achieved is determined at the sole discretion of Cosmetic Sculpting Clinic;
  • Cosmetic Sculpting Clinic may use before and after photos, scans and any other resources necessary to    determine whether a result has been achieved;
  • The results guarantee will only apply where a patient follows the FULL treatment plan as recommended by Cosmetic Sculpting Clinic following a thorough analysis and consultation;
  • The results guarantee will not apply where patients purchase treatments on an ad hoc basis;
  • The results guarantee must be specifically offered and referred to in your treatment plan to apply.

The results guarantee will be discussed with you in your consultation if it applies.