Non-Surgical BBL

The Brazilian Bum Lift (BBL) is a surgical cosmetic procedure that aims to re-shape the buttocks, adding volume and shape, by transferring fat from other areas of the body. This procedure is incredibly risky and patients have encountered severe complications and even died while undergoing this procedure. Many patients are hesitant to undergo surgery due to the high risks associated with the procedure, the traumatic experience of the procedure and the painful down-time.

As Sydney’s leading Non-Surgical Cosmetic Experts, Cosmetic Sculpting Clinic offers a non-invasive alternative in the area of Booty Enhancement.

In our 3 stage treatment package, we grow the muscles in the buttocks giving it a fuller, more defined natural shape. As we are growing the muscle rather than injecting fat, you will have a firm, toned result. Second, we use Multi-Polar RF energy to smooth out uneven fat pockets and stimulate collagen growth so that you have an even tone with incredible skin quality. Finally we apply acoustic shockwave therapy to tighten the fibres of the muscle which reduces and prevents the occurrence of cellulite.

Pain Free

No Downtime


Clinically Proven