Micro-needling Vs Derma Rolling

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Ever since Kim Kardashian posted her first vampire facial selfie, the public interest in
skin needling has risen with the terms “micro” and ‘derma” evolving into some of the
biggest skincare buzzwords of 2020 according to Google search console.

But what’s the difference between the two, and are either of them any good for your

Skin Needling involves the creation of thousands of tiny holes in the dermal layers.
These “micro-wounds” trigger the body’s natural healing mechanisms which lead to
increased blood flow, collagen production and cell turnover. The holes also allow topical
serums to penetrate at a much deeper level making them much more effective. But are
all skin needling treatments created equal and are some options doing more harm than

Derma-rolling involves a hand held tool with a round, needled drum on the end being
manually rolled across the surface of the skin in order to create tiny holes to help absorb
topical serums and stimulate collagen production to strengthen the skin. These devices
are relatively inexpensive and are often performed at home as a boost to your home
care skin routine.

Micro-needling, is a technical and professional upgrade to the dermal roller and is
performed by a trained therapist or registered nurse. The treatment involves a handheld
device that uses a disposable tip equipped with fine needles and a small motor to
precisely penetrate the skin, resulting in more consistent delivery and enhanced results.

Where derma-rolling is positioned by beauty magazines and influencers as a great at
home substitute to Micro-needling, the reality is quite the opposite. Dr. Doris Day, one of
the industries leading dermatologists at Lenox Hill Hospital in NYC says that “Your risk
of scarring or creating a problem is there when growing bacteria and yeast is

That’s right! If not sterilized or handled correctly, your derma-roller can give you all
sorts of long lasting problems triggering rosacea, eczema and acne, right through to
staph infections and subdermal yeast infections!
Micro-needling on the other hand uses disposable needle cartridges made from
specialised materials to prevent the risk of infection or causing hyperpigmentation. The
up and down stamping action created by the micro-needling device also means that the
needles penetrate the skin at a direct 90 degree angle creating clean, precision micro-
wounds, while the Derma-rolling technique means the needles will always be
penetrating the skin at a slight angle with diagonal force creating a tear rather than a
clean hole. This increases the risk of scaring and makes the healing process more
difficult for your skin leading to increased complication risks.

Microneedling treatments take approximately 30 minutes and can be performed on a
number of areas in addition to the face, such as neck, back, shoulders and the body.
Topical anaesthetic can be used to minimise any discomfort and the clinic will include
the use of topical serums, specialised masks and even Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) to
enhance results. Redness can occur for one to two days post-treatment due to the
stimulation and increased blood flow, but will reduce quickly leaving you with fresh,
tight, glowing skin. Direct sunlight and makeup should be avoided for 24-48 hours
immediately post-treatment so this is definitely not the treatment to have the day before
a big event.

The motorised pen is consistent and controlled, allowing our technicians to tailor the
needle to precisely measure how deep it pierces the skin to suit the individual’s areas
they are most concerned with. Above all of this, our technicians at Cosmetic Sculpting
Clinic are able to ensure a safe and hygienic treatment, focusing on specific areas of
concern such as acne scar reduction, melasma, skin tightening, scar reduction, pore
minimisation and improvement of overall skin tone.

So … when it comes to the derma-rolling vs micro-needling battle who wins?

For us there really is no competition, because not only do the benefits of microneedling
far outweigh those of derma-rolling, but your skin is not something you should ever
gamble on or put in danger. The risks of at-home derma-rolling are simply too great and
you will end up spending a fortune trying to reduce the damage you could potentially do.

To get truly effective results with mirco-needling, we recommend chatting with our highly
trained dermal technicians at Cosmetic Sculpting Clinic to determine the right number of
sessions and style of treatments for you, and work within your availability.