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what is Hydradermabrasion

Hydrafacial has become one of the most popular treatments in the world with a treatment being performed every 15 seconds. Hydrafacial is a device that delivers a 3 step version of Hydradermabrasion by cleansing, exfoliating and infusing intensive serums.

At Cosmetic Sculpting Clinic we offer a 5-Step Hydradermabrasion treatment that adds the extra steps of Microdermabrasion, to provide a smooth, polished skin texture and LED-Microcurrent, to assist with Pore Minimisation and Rejuvenation.

This is one of our most popular treatments and will leave your skin glowing.

what to expect

  • You will be positioned comfortably on the treatment bed with a hair band to keep your hair out of the way.
  • If you are wearing make up we will remove it with a hot towel and gentle cleanser.
  • The Microdermabrasion stage involves an abrasive tip applicator being moved over the surface of the skin to remove rough dead skin cells and create a smooth texture.
  • The cleansing and exfoliating serums will then be applied via the patented vortex hydrating tip which will blast away any dirt and will help to extract blackheads and impurities in the skin.
  • A powerful serum infusion will then be delivered via the same vortex technology to ensure deep penetration and nourishment of the skin.
  • The LED/Microcurrent will then be passed over the area and you may feel a slight tingle. The current can be adjusted to suit your comfort level.
  • You may experience some redness following the treatment but this will subside in the following 2 hours.
  • Makeup and sun exposure should be avoided for the rest of the day.

Pain Free

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Multiple Benefits

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frequently asked question

Results will be seen immediately. We recommend a course of 6 monthly treatments to see best results

The procedure is a very comfortable and non-invasive option </span><span data-contrast="auto">with most patients reporting a sensation of cooling and calming in the skin.

You may experience some slight redness and sensitivity as the new skin is exposed, however, this has been known to subside within a matter of hours.

The price for Hydra dermabrasion is usually fixed at a per session cost, however, discounted pricing is available for full course treatments involving multiple sessions. You will need to discuss a customised treatment plan with your sculptor when you visit us in the clinic.


You can find a list of our basic price list on our website.

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