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What is Fat Dissolver

Fat Dissolver refers to the injection of a synthetic Deoxycholic Acid for the purpose of permanently dissolving fat cells, usually in the submental area (chin).

The injectors at Cosmetic Sculpting Clinic are highly trained in the use of Fat Dissolver and use only the best product.

what to expect

  • The treatment will take approximately 30 minutes (consultation time included)
  • A specially compounded numbing agent will be applied to minimise any discomfort.
  • Depending on the area and treatment, the injector will identify key injection points and determine the appropriate dosage needed.
  • You may experience a burning sensation due to the product dissolving the fat cells, however, an icepack can be used to minimise discomfort.
  • Following treatment the area will be quite swollen, as a result of the fat tissue being destroyed. This will subside over a 2 week period and the area will begin to retract.
  • Results will be seen at 6 weeks with full results being realised after 12 weeks.

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frequently asked question

Fat dissolving injections permanently destroys double chin fat. Once the fat cells have been destroyed they will never return.

After a consultation and assessment the treatment is performed in office with a series of small injections into the area of fat to be treated. Ice packs are all that is needed for pain killers and the treatment takes about 20 minutes.The amount needed will of course depend on the amount of fat that needs to be dissolved 

The amount needed will of course depend on the amount of fat that needs to be dissolved but the average patient needs at least 20 small injections (2 vails) 1 cm apart

We recommend at least 2 treatments of at least 2 vials to see results with most patients requiring 3 treatments at 6 week intervals.

 No, it takes up to 6 weeks for you to notice the effects.

We expect swelling around the treatment area on the day that will peek at 48hours and settle over 1 week

 After injection the area can feel warm, like the feeling of sunburn. This is a temporary side effect which settles over the next hour.

We recommend icing the skin and resting at home after treatment rather than going back to work.

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