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Dermal Fillers Sydney - Cosmetic Sculpting Clinic

Enhance your lips & cheeks
with dermal fillers

  • Soften Lines
  • Natural looking
  • Freshen your look

Cosmetic Sculpting Clinic offers the best Dermal Filler injections in Sydney from our Chatswood based clinic. We use only the best products available and our highly trained injectors will work with you to achieve the results you’re looking for.


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What you could expect

The Procedure

The filler is injected directly into the desired area by our experienced medical practitioners. You will feel a slight pinch from the needle, however, any pain can be managed through the use of topical anaesthetic. The injector will position the gel to create the desired effect. Cosmetic Sculpting Clinic uses a full range of different Dermal Fillers to ensure that the right type of filler is used for the right treatment area in order to achieve the best results.

Post Treatment

You will experience some swelling and tenderness following the injection and in some cases bruising may be present. The specific post-treatment care will vary depending on the treatment and you will be advised by your injector on any specific requirements such as post treatment massage and avoiding prolonged pressure. The filler will fully settle after 2-3 weeks.

The Results

Results will be noticeable immediately, however the full results will not be seen until the swelling has subsided and the filler has settled. If after the treatment more volume is required then further injections can be made. Results will vary from person to person and there are a number of factors that can effect the results of the treatment.

Cosmetic Injection Bonus

Advanced Skin Treatments included
with any cosmetic injection service in our clinic

When you visit the clinic for Cosmetic Injections you will now receive a complimentary advanced skin treatment as part of our service.

Simply arrive 30 minutes early for your appointment and our therapist will assess your skin and create a bespoke treatment based on your dermal needs.

Examples of treatments you can expect include

  • Microdermabrasion
  • LED + Microcurrent
  • Anti-aging Peel
  • Hydration Facials
  • Oxygenation Facial


Dermal Filler Injections can be used to address a number of cosmetic issues such as the restoration of volume, aesthetic symmetry and facial sculpting.

The cosmetic Sculpting Clinic’s highly trained injectors are able to perform a variety of treatments using only the best quality Dermal Filler available to achieve incredible results for our patients with the following procedures:

Lip Injections – Volumise, re-shape, enhance or transform your lips;

Tear Troughs – Address under eye bags, skin laxity and create a more youthful, fresh look;

Cheek, Jaw, Chin – Re-define and sculpt your key facial features to achieve balance, harmony and facial symmetry;

Scars, Cellulited Skin Irregularitie ans – Correct and conceal irregularities.


How long does the Dermal Filler Injection treatment take?

Treatments can take between 30 and 60 minutes depending on the procedure.

Will dermal filler make me look fake?

No, the amount of filler used as well as the location of the injections will be discussed with your injector to ensure you achieve the look you want. Filler can be added or removed from areas to ensure the effect is as desired. Many patients seek only to subtly enhance features whole some seek to completely re-define their face. The choice is yours.

How long will Dermal Filler Injections last?

The effects of the dermal filler can vary depending on the individual and also the formula used. Cosmetic Sculpting Clinic uses superior formulas of the best quality and results can be expected to last from 8-24 months.

What if I change my mind after the injections?

Change of mind does happen and it is certainly easier to add more than take some away. Cosmetic Sculpting Clinic uses a special formula which can dissolve the Dermal Filler safely and effectively.

Can you fix my botched Filler Injection from somewhere else?

If you have had a bad experience from another injector or are unhappy with your results elsewhere, our highly experienced injectors are able to work with you to repair the damage and correct issues to ensure you achieve the results you always wanted.

What Our Clients Say

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