When your hair follicles or pores become blocked by dirt, skin and oil they form a bump called a comedone. If there is skin over the bump it is called a ‘whitehead’, however, if the pore is open and exposed to air the material oxidises and turns black, resulting in a ‘blackhead’.

There are two main focuses when dealing with breakouts and blackheads. First we want to soothe any redness or inflammation and remove the blockage, if it is ready to be removed without the risk of scarring. Second we want to treat against the recurrence of any further formations. This is done by ensuring the turnover of skin cells remains high and dead skin, dirt and oil is being properly removed from the area.

Our Dermal Therapists at Cosmetic Sculpting Clinic are highly experienced in treating breakouts and blackheads and use the latest techniques to ensure you achieve flawless results.

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